Adeleke Campaign Council Tackles Oyetola Group, Says Adeleke Never Boost of Buying Votes and Voters

Adeleke Campaign Council Tackles Oyetola Group, Says Adeleke Never Boost of Buying Votes and Voters
The Governorship Campaign Council of Osun Peoples Democratic Party has lambasted the Oyetola campaign organisation over its call for the anti-corruption agencies to probe its candidate, Senator Ademola Adeleke for alleged vote-buying agenda.

In a statement signed by Prince Diran Odeyemi, Chairman, Media and Publicity Organisation , Senator Ademola Adeleke Campaign Committee on Tuesday, the Campaign Council accused the APC of chasing shadows and specialising in unproductive propaganda to mask the failure of Gboyega Oyetola and distract attention from the imminent defeat of the APC come July 16th.

At no time since this campaign commenced has our candidate boasted or mentioned plan to buy votes. He was not Senator Bola Tinubu who publicly told Ekiti voters to vote APC so as to collect money. He never claimed before a first-class Oba that he is richer than the monarchy and Osun state as a whole. Never has Senator Adeleke relied on voters' monetary inducement as his local government tour has attracted an unprecedented crowd of voters all over the state.

Oyetola and his team specialise in deliberate misinformation and misinterpretation of Senator Adeleke because they have nothing to show as justification for the governor's re-election bid. Osun people are however wiser than agents of dark propaganda whose stock in trade is to deceive the public while inflicting untold hardship on the populace.

All over the world, election costs money in terms of logistics, media, and printable. Senator Adeleke is right to promise the availability of funds to cover his election expenses based on contributions from family and friends. Our candidate's funding capacity is a product of legitimate private-sector earnings, not a corrupted, ill-gotten wealth from state covers. The public knows the truth and the shamelessness demonstrated by Oyetola's campaign Council is legendary.

While we understand the frustration of Oyetola and his people, we assert that the upcoming governorship election is a referendum on the failure of the Gboyega Oyetola government. With facts on the ground, no campaign of calumny, no matter how sophisticated can dissuade Osun people from rejecting the All Progressives Congress (APC) on July 16.

Senator Adeleke has been moving around Osun, canvassing voters on the need to salvage the state from ruin orchestrated by APC failures. It is the Governor's party that is desperately pushing to subvert the will of Osun people by killing and maiming of PDP supporters.

We urge Osun people not to be distracted and shun the propaganda of the APC. The APC is doomed to fail on July 16 and we urge Osun people to remain focused on getting our state back on track for good governance and sustainable democracy.

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