Don't Misquote My Husband - Ataojas' Wife Cautions Mischievous Osogbo indigenes

Don't Misquote My Husband - Ataojas' Wife Cautions Mischievous Osogbo indigenes she clears the air that SRJ was never locked out of the palace
One of the wives, Olori Adedoyin of the Ataoja of Osogbo, HRM Oba Jimoh Oyetunji Olanipekun, Larooye II have advised mischievous Osogbo indigenes and other residents not to misquote her husband, the king.

This is as she also warned political mischief makers against causing misunderstanding that could jeopardize the peace in the land, while clearing the air that the distinguished Senator Ajibola Basiru SRJ was never locked out of the palace.

Olori Adedoyin Oyetunji made the revelation through an audio message shared to the public, about the act of the king against a son of the soil, Distinguished Senator Ajibola Basiru.

The Queen who vividly explained the claim that the royal father locked the palace gate against the Senator, said nothing of such happened, and neither was the king in the palace at the initial walk rally held for the political ambition of Sen Ajibola Basiru.

According to her, 'On the alleged November 1 when the initial walk-to-live held, the youths and the Senator did not meet the king at the palace, rather the king and his Oloris were met at Isale Osun area, when the king was on his way out of town to Ibadan airport en-route Abuja flight.

That about the time SRJ and the Youths got around the palace, the king and his queens were not anywhere near the king's abode.

She said, it's right for individuals to have preference for any political candidate, and urged all to avoid any issue that could embarrass the royal father of Osogbo land.

She begged everyone not to drag the name of Oba Oyetunji in the mud, and setting the record straight, she said the palace of the Ataoja of Osogbo is open to everybody irrespective of residency, 'No matter who comes, the Kabiyesi will not at anytime lock his door against anyone.

SRJ has the right to come to the palace, he is a native of Osogbo, a son of Ataoja, same way, anybody have the right to come to the palace.

She cautioned content creators on social media, who do so to score a political point, to avoid soiling the name of the notable king of Yoruba land. 

Frowning at the social media news awashed with pictures of Senator Ajibola Basiru allegedly locked out of the Palace, she stated that the true situation was that 
Senator Ajibola Basiru was expectedly at the head of the procession, acknowledging cheers from supporters and well wishers. On getting to one of gates of the Palace, near the White House and opening to the side of the Central Mosque, SRJ saw one of the referred traditional Chiefs of Ataoja.

He stopped and walked to the Chief to pay his respect. The Olori maintained that the said Gate is rarely open. It's often under lock and key. It's most unfortunate however that some elements have deliberately twisted the story that the Palace gates were locked on SRJ. 

Olori Adedoyin Oyetunji reiterated to cultivators of discord not to bring the Ataoja into a disrepute as the monarch would not shut his doors against any politician, and much more against Senator Ajibola Basiru. 

We want to advise these elements to play politics with maturity and stop bringing SRJ and the Ataoja into a face off with each other as the Senator respects traditional institutions and pays homage to them and particularly his father, the Ataoja of Osogboland.

What is our problem in Osogbo land, we want the land to progress, yet there are some people agitating to pull with down with mischievous write-ups?

Please stop dragging the royal throne in the mud, enough of dragging the Ataoja in the mud, - Olori Adedoyin stated.

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