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We have all heard about the cliche that "He who kills shall be killed", that is why it is important for the right legal services to be accessed and used to escape undue denial of human rights.

The law is very clear: that you are not permitted to kill another human being, If you do, generally, the penalty is death.

This is backed by Section 315 and 316 of the Criminal Code Act, however, there are exceptions:
1. Those permitted to kill under the law without being questioned are prison warders or executioners working for the government, according to the sentence passed by a court of law:  Section 33(1), Constitution of Nigeria 1999 as amended. 

2. Section 33(2)(a) of the Constitution: says one can kill a person when defending yourself, another person, or a property from attack; provided you use reasonable force, but it will take having a good lawyer to proof this, that is why am available to offer my service as a legal practitioner.

3. Also, Section 33(2)(b) of the Constitution: killing of a person during arrest him if he commits a crime, or if you are preventing him from committing a crime, or if you are trying to prevent his escape from lawful custody is backed by law, while Section 33(2)(c) of the Constitution: says a person can be killed in the process of trying to suppress a riot or insurrection or mutiny, while reasonable force must have been used.

The above stated are the legally established ways that a person may be killed backed by the law, but it is disheartening to state that there are people arrested or confined without access to legal representation.

The right of a Nigerian must not be truncated according to the constitution of the country.

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