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National Tuberculosis And Leprosy Control Program: HFDI Conducts Outreaches In Akwa Ibom Communities

By Ifeoluwa Nelson,

Towards having a tuberculosis and leprosy free environment, the National Tuberculosis And Leprosy Control Program in collaboration with Hope For Family Development Initiatives, HFDI conducted outreaches in mkpat enin, Esa Ekpo and Ikot Akata communities.

At the outreach which was carried out at primary schools and house to house in the communities, HFDI team addressed the children on TB and HIV symptoms, and the effect of these ailments, while informing them of the stand of government and the organisations to handle these problems.
The participants at the outreaches were also tested by the HFDI representatives, who also got the permission of the schools headmistress to screen the school children.

The activity for the tuberculosis and leprosy program outreach by Hope for Family Development, came to close with 92 children screened on TB, 21 from HFDI, 18 presumptive, 2 from HFDI, and HIV testing non was reactive.

The outreach program by Hope for Family Development Initiatives HFDI is a result of the decision of partners coordination meeting held at the Akwa Ibom state ministry of Health, that flagged-off the program at Itu local government.

Medications such as de-worming tablets, vitamin C etc were also provided for the children, alongside the sputum tests and chest X-ray for presumptive cases and malaria tests.

The participants were urged to stay safe, and ensure the take good diets, and avoid any step that could make them contact the diseases.

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