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"Outcry as Notorious Ex-Police Officer Appointed Commander of Amotekun Corps"

The African Action Congress (AAC) in Osun State has expressed outrage over the appointment of Isaac Adekunle Omoyele, a retired Chief Superintendent of Police, as the new Commander of Amotekun Corps. Omoyele has been accused of extrajudicial murder and human rights abuses during his time as Chief Security Officer to Governor Ademola Adeleke.
The AAC demands Omoyele's immediate removal and prosecution, citing his questionable character and history of unprofessional conduct. The party alleges that Omoyele's appointment is a reward for his loyalty to the governor rather than a decision based on merit or the need to improve security in the state.

The AAC has called on Governor Adeleke to terminate Omoyele's appointment and conduct a thorough investigation into the allegations against him. The party also demands justice for the victims of Omoyele's alleged human rights abuses.

Omoyele's appointment has sparked widespread outrage and concern among the people of Osun State, who fear for their safety and security under his leadership. The AAC has vowed to continue protesting and demanding justice until Omoyele is held accountable for his actions.

The Osun State government has yet to respond to the AAC's demands or address the concerns of the people. The governor's silence on the matter has only fueled speculation and anger, with many calling for his impeachment.

As the controversy surrounding Omoyele's appointment continues to grow, the people of Osun State remain vigilant and determined to ensure that justice is served. The AAC has promised to continue fighting for the rights of the people and to hold those in power accountable for their actions.

The incident has also drawn attention to the need for police reform and accountability in Nigeria. Many have called for the government to take concrete steps to address human rights abuses and ensure that those responsible are held accountable.

The AAC has urged the people of Osun State to remain peaceful but vigilant, promising to continue fighting for their rights and interests. The party has also called on the international community to pay attention to the situation in Osun State and to support the people's demand for justice and accountability.

As the situation continues to unfold, one thing is clear: the people of Osun State will not stand idly by while their rights and safety are threatened. They will continue to demand justice and accountability, and they will not rest until those responsible are held accountable.

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