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"Be ashamed of yourself'', APC member tells Gangaria, Media Aides

A Member of the All Progressives Congress (APC) in Orolu local government, Mr Alao Waheed, has asked Hon Morufu Adewale Gangaria MHR and all his "half baked" Media Aides to go and bury their heads in shame for not making social media rest just because of only one yet to be facilitated job opportunity he promised a member in Orolu.
Alao said, instead of Gangaria to face his law making business squarely and tell the people of Osogbo Federal Constituency what he has done to change the representation of the most popular federal Constituency for better, he and his so-called media aides are busy making offensive noises around.

The APC member appealed to all intelligent and responsible individuals, professionals and educators to always disseminate truthful and enlightening information to our people purposely to raise the standard of education which is on a steep decline since the beginning of the PDP administration in Osun state.

However, Hon Morufu Adewale Gangaria's "fair weather" Media Aides are also enjoined to desist from practicing "yellow journalism", and if possible, imbibe the habit of seeking truth and propagate facts without which the public will be terribly misled and largely stay unenlightened.

This was Alao's reaction to the namby- pamby and wishy-washy statement credited to him on social media on Friday, September 22, 2023 tittled; "opposition member testifies to the good works and quality representation of Hon Morufu Adewale Gangaria".

Alao described the writer and Gangaria's so -called Media Aides as those who still live in the delusion of PDP's lies in Osun, which have significantly distorted their mental capacity and left them in a shadowed existence in which the only reality is the undiluted lies they tell themselves in Osun PDP.

According to Mr Alao, what are the good works done by Gangaria? Where are the good works? How many motions has he moved at the National Assembly? And what has he done to develop Osogbo Federal Constituency? The answer is none!

"To set the record straight, the truth of the matter was that I was not the writer of the said statement credited to me, as a member of our community forwarded a piece on a community Whatsapp platform, which I shared within the community Whatsapp platform, and that was all".

"Also, I did not know how, where and when I publicly acknowledged and testified to the commendable action and good deeds of Hon Gangaria as claimed by the statement which can be best describe as bunkum, which was made by the "gigolos" and "fair weather" media aides".

Alao noted that in all ramifications, it is absolutely absurd to compare any of the  administration of the APC with the flummoxed PDP-looters in Osun state. 

If one has to commend a government, is it PDP -led government that have 3 governors in Osun? Or the PDP government that has moved the government house to the Country Home in Ede? Or the PDP-led government that has diverted and mismanaged all the fuel subsidy palliatives and left the people of Osun in abject poverty? Or the PDP government that failed woefully to hold exco meeting and what have you.

However, it is pertinent to let the public know that PDP-led government in Osun cannot be separated from vivid corruption and mismanagement of funds, and can not record any significant achievement in the remaining 3years of the "skelewu dancing" administration in the state.

Therefore, Alao enjoined members of the All Progressives Congress (APC) in Osun to be steadfast and double thier loyalty for the APC to be victorious in the future elections as all and sundry know that Osun is presently in bondage and the final day of the PDP looters in Osun is fast approaching.

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