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Negligence In Government Owned Hospital Turns Newly Born Twin Motherless

By Pelumi Fasoyin

Needless deaths of patients in several government hospitals is as a result to the below-par treatment and general lackadaisical attitude of some health personnel towards their job, which could be due to either wrong administration of drugs to patients by health practitioners, delay in responding to patients in critical condition, which is particularly amongst the government-own hospitals.
A set of twin have been left motherless following the death of their biological mother who died on Monday, 18th September, 2023, due to the negligence of the unprofessional conducts and general inefficiency of the health personnel at the Primary Health Center, Ola, Ejigbo local government, Osun state.

Mr Dada, while narrating the ordeal of what happened on that fateful day,  the  late Mrs. Roseline Omidele had to go through a lot of stress, stated  that before the incident occurred that his wife had been earlier given an injection that would have taken her life, if not for the restoration of God, he then said that right beside him a pregnant woman who was due for labor had given birth to her child on the bare floor before the health personnel arrived and they had to transport her to another medical center for proper care.

In his words the matter was reported but nothing fruitful came out from it as the head of the center accused him of wanting to take his job from him after reporting.

While narrating the sad incident that happened , Mr Dada said that similar incident have been happening due to the incompetent personnel that are there which should and he pleaded to the government to that the dehumanizing nature of the place should be looked into as it is a closer health center to individuals living in the environment at large.

Dr Jacob Olufemi Fasanya, who stands as the village head of Ola environs that while showing the reporter round dilapidated buildings in the hospital premises disclosed that several letters and complains have been made to the government but all prove abortive as they have been neglected for a very long period of time. He stated that capable health personnel, standard hospital facilities and diagnosed medical drugs are needed for the restoration of the hospital.

He explained that several communities had earlier been coming to the facility when it was functional with good professional staff and equipment, before everything became rumbled finally and since then messaged had been sent to the government over the incident.

”We believe and hope the government will do something
about the new development in the center as we had earlier spoken with representative, he said.

He reiterated that all the staff should be overhaul following their non-challancy over work. saying that the register on the attendance book is far different from those seen in the health center.

He further revealed that the death of that woman isn't the first of its kind, but this should be last and the one that will stop further death in the health center.


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